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The Queen's Cottage
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Sweeten Your Pipe"

I recently purchased this old "Yello-Bole" pipe cleaner box probably from the 1920's off ebay. The box no longer contained pipe cleaners but seeing as my name is Bee Skep Cottage, I had to have it for my collection of bee skep memorabilia.

I loved the graphics...a very pretty blonde holding a block of honey with a balloon behind her that says "Sweet as honey". I don't know if that meant she is as sweet as honey or that the Yello-Bole is as sweet as honey. Either way, I guess sex-appeal sold products even back then!

I like the fact that they got the most "bang" for their advertising buck with this little box. Not only did it hold pipe cleaners but advertised pipes cured with honey for $1 as well as bottles of "Bee Pipe Sweetener" for 25 cents to "sweeten your pipe"...whatever that means. I am not a pipe smoker so I cannot tell you if honey really increases the pleasure of the pipe smoke.

I wonder if they still make it? If so, I will try it and post at a later date. Until then, enjoy the graphics of this cute litte box.

BTW: Feel free to save any images I put up on my posts. I have many old postcards and advertising cards that I will occasionally add to my posts so stay tuned...

Until then, "smokem' if you gottem'"!

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