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The Queen's Cottage
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The "Ugly Doll"

Okay, I have to admit, I just found that this post (from last December.  How do I know that you ask???....Well, we went to Mt. Washington for our 1st anniversary.  We've been married two years now...shamefull!) was still sitting in my "waiting to be published pile".  I guess the ADD struck me mid-sentence because I hadn't even finished my thought when I exited from it so I have to make up the rest from memory!  Oh dear, is this what the "fifties" like?

My husband and I went to Mount Washington, NH for our 1st year anniversary. I have always taken a liking to the "Ugly Dolls", especially Big Toe as he is called. Last night my husband decided to give me my Christmas presents early since we will be traveling to CA to visit his family. I spotted Big Toe at the shop inside the Mount Washington Hotel and when we went in to the dining room to have a nice lunch, he snuck out to purchase it for me. He said he had to stuff him down his pants since he didn't want to walk back in the restaurant, bag in tow. I guess I was too busy checking out the menu to notice the "bulge"....

Back to last night...I was so delighted to see Big Toe made it to our house. Our black and white cat, Caesar also took a liking to Big Toe and decided to use him as his pillow...

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