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The Queen's Cottage
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Wishes

My wish this holiday season is for a year of good health, less stress and more time to spend with my family. My sister was recently diagnosed with a rare form of multiple myeloma (aka bone marrow cancer). She only started getting sick this past fall when a tumor was discovered on her pancreas. They removed the tumor but the doctors were still baffled as to what was causing it. Many more tests and scans revealed she has a very aggressive form of this cancer that basically robs the body from making healthy plasma and invades the bone tissue. She has gone from a super-healthy 56 year old to a fraile and frightened cancer patient. She says she doesn't even recognize who she anymore and that this disease has robbed her of her once "normal, ordinary life". It is all-consuming, physically and emotionally.

She is my older sister who I am very close to, especially now that both parents have passed. My one and only wish this Season is for strength and guidance to help me help her. What's your Christmas wish?

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